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Teeth Bonding Arlington, TX

Minor cosmetic problems like a small tooth chip or crack can change the look and comfort of your smile. Even one discolored tooth in the front of the mouth can impact your confidence. Dental bonding can treat one or more discolored or damaged teeth. This cosmetic dental treatment can change the shade and shape of teeth and is customized to your cosmetic needs. At Cooper Family Dental, we provide teeth bonding treatments in Arlington, TX

Dental bonding is an effective cosmetic option for patients who want quick and affordable treatment. We use biocompatible materials, which means they are non-toxic and natural-looking. Our office also color-matches the composite resin for a seamless, natural look.

Teeth Bonding Treatments in Arlington TX

The Many Benefits of Tooth Bonding Treatment

Dental bonding can fix damaged teeth to create a more even bite. Bonding can also change the shade of one or more teeth. We recommend tooth bonding if you have minor cosmetic problems and need efficient care. Teeth bonding treatments in our Arlington, TX office can create a straighter and brighter smile.

Dental bonding offers many advantages to patients:

  • Tooth-colored materials for a natural look: We color-match bonding material to the shade of your natural teeth. This means we can cover stained, yellowed, and discolored teeth and ensure they match other teeth in your smile. 
  • Affordable cosmetic treatment: Bonding is more affordable than other cosmetic options, including teeth whitening and dental veneers. This is because bonding treats fewer teeth and uses different materials.
  • Non-invasive treatment: We aim to preserve your natural tooth structure as much as possible during tooth bonding. This means we do not need to prepare your teeth by removing a large portion of your enamel. Additionally, we do not need to numb your mouth before bonding treatment. 

We recommend dental bonding for patients with these problems:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Short teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Small spaces or gaps between teeth

Teeth Bonding Treatments in Arlington, TX

Before dental bonding treatment, we will examine your smile to ensure you are the best candidate for treatment. We recommend bonding treatment for patients in good oral health but want cosmetic treatment. 

To begin teeth bonding treatment, we clean the teeth. Then, we roughen the teeth and apply a conditioning liquid. This will prepare the tooth surface.

If applicable, we will remove decayed portions of the treated tooth. Then, we use a shade guide to color-match the treated tooth. We will apply the composite material once we determine the right shade for your tooth. Then, we will ensure the bonding material is in the correct shape.

We will double-check that the material does not interfere with your bite. Once the material is your desired shape and color, we harden it using a curing light. Finally, we polish the newly bonded tooth. It takes 30 to 60 minutes to apply bonding material to each tooth. This quick and easy treatment will have you smiling in no time.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

You can clean bonded teeth as you would your natural teeth. First, floss between your bonded and natural teeth. Then, brush with a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive toothpaste. While dental infections cannot affect tooth bonding material, your surrounding teeth and gums are still at risk of infection. Brush and floss twice daily to remove food debris and bacteria from your smile.

You can still visit our office after your bonding treatment for routine exams and cleanings. We will examine your bonded teeth at these visits to ensure they are bright and intact. With the right care, dental bonding can last five to ten years. If you chip or damage your bonding, you can visit our office for a touch-up. We will add to your tooth or replace the material depending on your specific needs.

Teeth Bonding FAQs

Discover more about teeth bonding with answers to these popular patient questions:

How do porcelain veneers and tooth bonding treatments differ?

Like veneers, teeth bonding treatments in our Arlington, TX office can treat tooth stains, gaps between teeth, and chips or cracks. However, we only use dental veneers for teeth in the front of the mouth. While veneers may last longer, bonding is also a cheaper alternative to dental veneers. Veneers also require more tooth preparation, which is permanent. 

Can dental bonding reshape my teeth?

Yes, we can change the length and width of teeth with dental bonding treatment. We will recommend bonding to add tooth-colored material to short or small teeth. Our office will accurately measure the size of your teeth to ensure you have an even bite.

Is dental bonding reversible?

Yes, bonding is easily reversible. We can remove old, discolored tooth bonding material. Bonding does not require extensive tooth preparation, so we can remove the bonding material and provide a replacement if needed.

Can I eat and drink after tooth bonding treatment?

Yes, you can eat and drink directly after bonding treatment. However, we recommend avoiding directly biting down on hard or crunchy foods. This can damage your new bonding. Biting down on hard foods or objects can chip, crack, or break the bonding material. 

Can you whiten bonded teeth?

No, composite resin will not react to the active ingredients in teeth whitening treatments. If you undergo teeth whitening treatment, you will not see results in your bonded teeth. However, dental bonding can cover discolored teeth. We recommend dental bonding treatment if you have one or more stained front teeth. Dental bonding can cover tooth stains resistant to teeth whitening treatment. 

Can dental bonding fix crooked teeth?

Cosmetic dental treatments like tooth bonding can cover single, slightly crooked teeth. However, bonding cannot fix most orthodontic problems. We may recommend Invisalign if multiple crooked teeth impact your bite. Traditional metal braces may suit your needs if you have moderate to severely crooked teeth. We may recommend veneers if you want to cover the crooked teeth that show when you smile. 

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