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Dental Crown Arlington, TX

Crowns are caps, usually made of a material like porcelain, placed on the top of a tooth. They are typically used to restore a tooth’s strength, function, and appearance following a restorative dentistry procedure such as a root canal or when the decay is too large for a simple filling. At Cooper Family Dental, we provide dental crown treatment in Arlington, TX, to help patients restore the form, appearance, and comfort of their teeth. 

Dental Crown in Arlington TX

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Crowns can attach bridges, cover implants, prevent a cracked tooth from worsening, or when an existing large filling is in jeopardy of becoming loose or dislocated.

A traditional bridge uses support from crowns to replace multiple missing teeth. A bridge consists of false teeth secured by crown-capped natural teeth. We will also recommend a crown for single dental implants. Crowns can cap off implants to replace a missing tooth. 

Dental crowns can also be used for esthetics, to enhance or dramatically change a smile, or to cover stained or chipped teeth. If you have a damaged and discolored tooth, you can treat both problems with a crown. 

Types of Crowns

Many types of crowns are available to cover one or more teeth: 

  • Metal alloy: Gold or metal alloy crowns are the traditional option. While metal crowns are strong, they are easily noticeable. Even if they cover the molars, they are apparent when you open your mouth. 
  • Resin: Same-day dental crowns use resin materials. Resin can match the color of natural teeth, but may not last as long as other crowns.  
  • Porcelain: Like resin, porcelain crowns are color-matched to natural teeth. However, these crowns last longer than resin and are strong like natural teeth. 

Dental Crown Treatment in Arlington, TX

Before treatment, we will take dental X-rays to view the extent of your damaged teeth. We will also ensure you are healthy enough for treatment. We can provide root canals, gum therapy, or other treatments to prepare for restorative care.

To begin treatment, we will numb your treated tooth. We must shave down a tooth in size to accommodate a crown. Then, we take an impression of your tooth.

We send this impression and specifications on the size and shape of the tooth to a special lab. There, technicians will create a custom-designed crown. We will cement a temporary crown until the permanent crown is ready.

Crowns are sometimes confused with veneers, but they are quite different. Veneers are much more conservative and typically only applied to the facial surface of the tooth rather than covering the whole tooth. They are typically done only for aesthetics.

How To Care for Dental Crowns

With proper care, a good-quality crown could last eight years or longer. Flossing in the crown area is crucial to avoid excess plaque or debris collection around the restoration. When flossing a crown, ensure you remove clean the gum line. When brushing, use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Avoid toothpastes with abrasive ingredients to prevent scratching the crown.

Dental crowns are durable like natural teeth. However, certain behaviors, such as jaw clenching or bruxism (teeth grinding), significantly shorten the life of a crown. Moreover, eating hard foods, ice, or hard candy can compromise the crown’s adhesion or even damage it.

Restore Your Smile

Preserve natural teeth and support restorations with a tooth crown. Call Cooper Family Dental for dental crown treatment in Arlington, TX at 817-646-1217. You may also schedule a dental appointment with us online.