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Why Baby Teeth Fall Out

Losing our baby teeth is a natural part of growing up. But while everyone goes through it, it’s natural to wonder why. Tooth loss in Arlington, TX, can be alarming, especially if it’s unexpected. While baby teeth are supposed to fall out over time, they can also be lost due to physical trauma or other dental conditions. Understanding how and why baby teeth work can be a great way to know when tooth loss in your child is a concern or not.

. Tooth loss in Arlington, TX, can be alarming, especially if it’s unexpected.

Why We Have Baby Teeth

As we grow, our bones are shifting and changing shape and size. If the teeth we have when we’re born stay our permanent teeth, then they’d be too small for normal chewing and talking. But if they were the size we need them to be, then they’d be too big to fit in our mouths and jaws. At the same time, having no teeth while we’re young can drastically impact our speech development and chewing patterns. Baby teeth allow us to eat and talk while we’re children, but also make room for our permanent teeth.

How Baby Teeth Fall Out

As our permanent teeth begin to develop, they start pushing their way up toward the gum line. This causes the roots of the baby tooth to gradually weaken. As the roots weaken, the tooth itself starts to come loose. Overtime, the tooth will naturally fall out, having lost its supporting connection. With the baby tooth out of the way, the permanent tooth has room to grow into its place. 

Why Natural Tooth Loss Matters

Waiting for a baby tooth to fall out on its own is crucial for proper dental development. While it can be uncomfortable to sit with a loose tooth, pulling or forcing the tooth out could cause damage. The development and growth of our permanent teeth rely heavily on our baby teeth. Pulling a tooth out before it’s ready could impact the jaw and gums, creating a complicated path for adult teeth to grow in. If your child does need a baby tooth pulled for any reason, it’s always best to have your family dentist perform the procedure to help ensure your child’s safety and dental development.

Unexpected Tooth Loss

Just because a baby tooth is supposed to fall out doesn’t mean it’s not a concern if it’s knocked out. Unexpected tooth loss could create dental complications for your child. If their baby tooth is knocked out or falls out without becoming loose first, call your dentist. The sooner you get them examined and treated, the better it is for their oral health. 

At Cooper Family Dental, we understand the importance of baby teeth and the role they play in your child’s development. If you’re worried about tooth loss in your child, we’re here to help. Call us today at 817-646-1217 to schedule a consultation and learn more about baby teeth.