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Finding an On-the-Go Emergency Dentist this Summer

There’s nothing more panic-inducing than having an emergency while traveling. And with summer in full swing, more and more people are away from the comforts of home when tragedy strikes. Dental emergencies can vary from slight to major, but all can have lasting effects on your oral health. Knowing how to find an emergency dentist in Arlington, TX, while traveling can be the difference between quick, quality care and deteriorating dental health. 

Knowing how to find an emergency dentist in Arlington, TX, while traveling can be the difference between quick care and poor dental health. 

Emergency Dentist Vs. Emergency Room: When to Go Where

When an emergency of any type happens, most people assume the first step should be an urgent care facility or emergency room. While these can be beneficial to many medical problems, they also don’t always have the tools or training needed to fix every problem. Unless a patient passes out, your first call during a dental emergency should be to your emergency dentist. Your dentist can direct you if symptoms require additional medical attention. Typically, however, your dentist will have the necessary equipment to address most dental emergencies.

How to Tell if an Emergency Dentist is Right For You

When dealing with an emergency, you want to make sure you have the right dentist on your side. It’s natural to become overwhelmed and frustrated when you suffer a dental emergency, especially while on vacation. It’s crucial to work with a dentist and their team who are understanding and compassionate during this time. When you first call an emergency dentist, you can generally get a good idea of whether they’re right for you based on that conversation. If you feel like you were rushed or not treated kindly, then it may be a good idea to check for another location to visit.

What to Expect During an Emergency Visit

Visiting a new dentist can be a bit confusing, but as long as you know what to expect, you should be able to face your appointment with confidence.

When you first call the office, they’ll likely ask for your insurance information as well as the name and phone number of your general dentist. Having this information on hand can help ensure they get the documents they need to provide you with better care. You may need to contact your general dentist as well to authorize sending over any X-rays or chart notes they may need for your visit.

During your appointment, your dentist will examine the area, assess the damage, and recommend a treatment plan. Some treatments, such as a dental crown, can take weeks to fully complete. In these cases, an emergency dentist may recommend a temporary treatment to protect and preserve your teeth until you can return home for permanent treatment. 

Where to Get Emergency Dental Treatment in Arlington, TX

If you’re traveling through Texas this summer and suffer a dental emergency, Cooper Family Dental is here to help. Give us a call at 817-646-1217 to schedule your emergency appointment today. If we can’t accommodate you, we’ll refer you to another local dentist who may be able to provide further treatment.